I don't know if you've ever seen the show, My Strange Addiction, but it's all about, well, strange addictions.  There was an episode recently about a lady who has been eating toilet paper for, like, 20 years!  Strange!  Well, at our staff meeting yesterday, we got to watch the KISS FM episode of My Strange Addiction, and I daresay, found out about a sad, shameful chapter in one of our co-workers lives.

Monika was sitting at the desk in the KISS office and Mike, Tony Bravo, Courtney Nelson, and I were all sitting around chit chatting during a lull in the meeting when all the sudden, Mike said, "Monika, did you just smell that eraser?"

Well, all eyes were on Mon and she sheepishly said she likes to smell erasers because they remind her of when she was a kid, but the look on her face told another story.  Apparently, this is one of those things that she does behind closed doors, ashamed of her eraser-smelling habit.  She probably hangs around the aisles of Office Depot trying not to get caught cradling the rectangular pieces of rubber in her hands as she breathes in the intoxicating aroma of eraser. 

Yes, Monika is an eraser huffer.

We here at KISS FM are going to try and get her some help.  She's an integral part of the team here at KISS, we love her, and like so many others who are dealing with loved ones who have strange addictions, we want to help her get her life back on track. 

Pray for Monika.....

Meanwhile, check out the crazy from My Strange Addiction....