Last week, Darren and I took the week off, and because I had to stay in town on some family business earlier in the week, we took off to Ruidoso for the weekend.  All was going well - gorgeous cabin, amazing weather, fantastic meals.... and then a finger mangling desk fan attacked me!

Usually when I run into a fan, it's someone who likes our show!  But the nasty little fan that did this was obviously oblivious to my radio charms!  I mean, why can't a gal take a shower, get out, and while naked and wet, grab for a desk fan to cool the room off?!  Well take my word for it, you can't!  Darren was a real trooper, making sure that I washed my finger off with antibacterial soap and even wrapped it up until I could get to the doctor.  The good news is, I didn't lose a finger - it's just fractured.  And, thanks to my miraculous nail tech, Kris Armendariz, I didn't even lose my nail!  Would you like to have wonderful nails that can stand up to a crazed table fan?  Then check out Kris, Manny, and the gang at Evolution Hair and Nails!

If you want to see the yucky pic of the actual damage, head over to the Mike and the Kiss Wakeup Krew Facebook page.

I wish E.T. was here......