This morning I was honored to head to The El Paso Children's Hospital and visit Hunter J. He has weekly clinic appointments every Thursday, but today's visit was different...

Today Hunter had what is known as an LP Procedure, also known as a spinal tap. This is used because of the blood-brain barrier. Chemotherapy drugs
must be directly injected into the cerebrospinal fluid to kill any blasts present and
prevent a possible central nervous system relapse. The number of spinal
taps required varies depending on the child’s risk level. Hunter has a LP done every once in a while and today his counts looked well.

As I was amongst the children I was so blown away with their strength and patience. They are truly amazing. Hunter and his Mom, Vanessa have recently turned their efforts of raising childhood leukemia awareness into a non-profit organization! I am so proud of this kiddo, he is truly a blessing to me.

Coming up in February he also was granted his wish from The Make A Wish Foundation! Him and his family will be going to Hawaii! I took video of his thoughts on his upcoming trip at his appointment this morning.

I love this kid so much and will be by his side every step of his amazing journey!

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