Its was the spring of 1990, I was in LA for a Radio and Records Convention, when I was asked if I wanted to load a bus to go see Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour across town. I said no, but let me explain. I was at the RADIO AND RECORDS CONVENTION! It only took place every two years! I was at the Century Plaza Hotel surrounded by celebrity radio people. Rick Dees was there. So was Scott Shannon (New York DJ). Larry King was walking around the lobby as was top record executives. Even the "Bud" from the television series "Married with Children" (remember its 1990) was mingling! The last thing I wanted to do was leave "the party" to see a stupid Madonna concert. After much pleading by the record rep (who apparently had to fill the bus with radio people like me), I agreed. Everyone leaving the R&R Convention to go see the concert were asked to load a bus! As I was getting in, I was handed a 3 piece chicken meal from KFC (don't ask! I didn't get it either). In the seat next to me was a young man who said he was a song writer. When I asked him "what have you written? Anything I would recognize?" He answered "yes, I wrote Luther Vandross's "Here and Now". "WOW", I responded, "impressive. When we go to the LA arena, we were escorted through a special entrance. I was more excited to see the opening act, Technotronic. I know, I'm an idiot! After the opening act, most of the people still had not arrived into the arena. It was half empty. I later learned that that's an LA thing (to arrive late). During the intermission, I noticed a small commotion on the arena floor. Someone was walking into the arena that caused many people to get up and shake their hand. It was OJ Simpson and Nicole making there way to the third row. Well, the show started soon after. It was amazing. I kept looking onto the stage BEFORE Madonna hit the stage and I kept wondering why no one was on stage setting up the musical instruments. The stage was almost empty! "That's strange", I said to myself. I didn't realize that what I was about to see was no rock concert. It was more of a Broadway production. When the lights dropped and the show started, the entire stage began to move! A huge back drop began to rise from behind! Dozens of dancers then began to climb the back drop (which was designed to look like a steal structure). The reason the roadies hadn't set up the band equipment on stage was due to the fact that the band was NOT on stage. They were down below (like on Broadway). The show was amazing! Madonna rarely stop to breath or speak to the audience. It was one song after another. I got tired just seeing her dance!! LOL! If you would like to see Madonna in her latest tour (MDNA), just win a prize in our "Hot Summer Ticket" contest. Everyone who wins automatically gets qualified for the concert in Dallas!