A teenager was gunned down the day before Halloween in a downtown El Paso parking lot. The mugshots of the three teens believed to be responsible were released today.

courtesy: EPPD/kvia.com

The EL Paso Police Department arrested and charged 19-year-old Miguel Bygovtia, 17-year-old Gustavo Valencia, and 18-year-old Armando Torres, with murder. They say Bygovtia and Valencia were the alleged shooters, and Torres was the alleged getaway driver.

Aaron Ochoa was shot at the intersection of Rio Grande and Stanton around 5 o'clock in the afternoon of October 30th. Witnesses say Ochoa and Bygovtia had agreed to meet after school to fight because Bygovtia believed Ochoa had left a meter cover on Bygovtia's car. Friends of Ochoa's say Bygovtia and Valencia pulled guns and shot Ochoa in the parking lot as he approached them, and continued to shoot him when he was on the ground. Witnesses then told police that they jumped into a vehicle being driven by Torres.

Torres' lawyer says his client was not involved in any way in the incident. He said Torres didn't know what Bygoytia and Valencia had allegedly done when they got into his vehicle. Torres' lawyer says he even kicked them out of the vehicle a couple of blocks later.

Bygoytia, and Torres' bonds have been set at a million dollar each. Valencia's bond has been set at $150,000.