Ever since former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson created an incentive for big movie crews to come film in New Mexico, some pretty cool films have filmed in the Land of Enchantment. Some whole films, some even just a small part, but either way those New Mexico skies are in all of these movies.

Employee of The Month - Starring Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson, this comedy was filmed in Albuquerque, the whole movie. Jessica and Dane were spotted all around town for a couple months while this was shot.

No Country For Old Men - Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin lit up the screen for this film and it even won some Oscars and Golden Globes. Most of the scenic shots are in New Mexico deserts and the hotel shoot out scene was filmed in the Land of Enchantment for more than 3 weeks of filming.

The Avengers - Just knowing Robert Downey Jr. AND Chris Evans were only hours away in Albuquerque for this epic film is awesome. The film used much of the outskirts of Albuquerque for the big explosion scenes. Residents in the area could hear the blasts miles away.

Twins - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito played twins in the 1988 classic. Not identical of course. Even though this film is older, it was filmed in New Mexico and only because the budget was low and New Mexico offered some great backdrops for the film.

Wild Hogs - Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, John Travolta were all sweating it up near Roswell, New Mexico for this film. The movie actually depicts the motorcycle-riding old men cruising through small New Mexico towns and was actually filmed in those small places.

Beerfest - I recently saw this movie and it is hilarious. The movie was shot in Albuquerque and in Santa Fe. You can see some of the scenic New Mexico shots in several scenes.

3:10 To Yuma - Russell Crowe and Christian Bale really had some shoot outs in the old west in this movie. The whole movie was shot in New Mexico and you can definitely tell. Look at all those desert scenes.

The Longest Yard - Even Adam Sandler has loved shooting in New Mexico. This movie was actually shot using a jail facilities in several New Mexico prisons.

Wyatt Earp - Many wild west films were shot in New Mexico. Some of the older towns are perfect backdrops that already exist for the movies. It is a huge saver on budgets for movie crews.

Crash - Such a heavy and inspiring movie, Crash had a laundry list of stars in it. From Don Cheadle to Tony Danza, even rapper Ludacris has a role in this movie. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you do. It is so good and New Mexico filmed.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Many big military facilities and prisons in New Mexico were used during production of this film. The movie crew loved filming in New Mexico so much I have a feeling "they'll be back".

Indiana Jones The Last Crusade - Harrison Ford and Sean Connery gallivanted around New Mexico for quite a while, while filming the series. Where else can you get the perfect desert and train landscapes?

So many great movies shot in New Mexico and the list just keeps growing.