With Halloween approaching, I was thinking about some costume ideas. No matter what kind of costume party you're headed to for Halloween a movie theme will always get a great response! Here are some ideas I had for your spooktacular haunting Halloween!...

PAtty Campos

Movie themes can be super easy to do for Halloween. One year I dressed like one of the girls from the 1995 hit movie, "Clueless", all with things I found in my closet (don't judge me). Some of my friends also took the movie/TV theme ideas when the cast from Saved by the Bell showed up and even some from Miami Vice! It was a great party because most of the partiers were the cast of News Ch. 9 so seeing them out of thier "newscaster costumes" was awesome. Anyways, here is a list of some movie themed ideas you can really get into and maybe with things right in your closet!

Saturday Night Fever- Any man should have a white suit!....right?

BeetleJuice- Any pinstripped suit will work and a crazy white haired wig!

Austin Powers- This is great as a couple costume because guys can get their lady to be a foxy spy, hippy style!

Grease- Danny and Sandy! Super easy and trendy! Even make your very own T-bird jacket and rock it!

Tooth Fairy- For men! You can be like The Rock in his movie flop!

Rocky Horror Picture Show- Ladies, lend your men some lingerie!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit- Sexy Jessica Rabbit!

Indiana Jones- kakhi pants, fedora and a whip!

Bruno- His many crazy costumes from the movie, if you're brave enough.

Those are just a few ideas, the list goes on! Just think of your favorite movie and viola! You can for sure find a costume in it! Even TV shows are great. Don't make it tough and Happy Halloween!