You know I dig me the food!  Check out my Hidden El Paso Gems on this restaurant, and this one, and, oh yeah, this one, too!  Well, as I was trolling the internet this afternoon, I ran across an article that purports to have the Most Romantic Food Moments in Movies.  PUhleez!

They include scenes from supposably romantic movies like, yawn, 9 1/2 Weeks.  Lame!  They forgot one of the sexiest scenes ever filmed from Like Water for Chocolate!  Yowsa!  Haven't seen this movie?  What the heck are you waiting for?  It has unrequited love, food, amazing desert scenery that looks like a painting it's shot so well, food, family secrets, and food!

This is a long clip, so skip ahead to the 11 minute mark.  It shows how Tita and the man she loves, but who was forced to marry Tita's sister (it's a long story!), managed to make love across a dinner table in full view of their family!  It is a hot love scene with absolutely no physical contact whatsoever!