El Pasoans love to complain about the heat and the wind, but I would rather complain about how tough it is getting around the city because of all the road construction!

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    Cesar Chavez (Border Highway) Toll Road

    You used to be able to get from the east side to downtown in fifteen minutes, but that was before the east side began approaching Dallas! Now because of an 85 million dollar project that will add toll lanes onto the César Chávez Border Highway, or Loop 375, we'll get a faster commute, but we'll have to pay to do it.

    Rudy Gutierrez/El Paso Times
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    Loop 375 Interchange

    There's also a 146 million dollar interchange that will connect Loop 375 to Interstate, but not before lots of drivers either lose their hair from pulling it out, or their minds from having to dodge orange traffic barrels.

    US Army
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    Zaragosa - Montwood - Joe Battle Area

    Then there is the craziest road in the El Paso area, its the Zaragoza-Montwood-Joe Battle area. An interchange will link that part of town directly to Loop 375. But the way the east side grows, it'll be obsolete when they lay the last bit of asphalt!

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    Montana and Zaragosa Interchange

    The interchange being built at Montana and Zaragoza is part of the Americas Interchange project, and it is just another reason why East side drivers have to mentally prepare themselves and take a Xanax before they head out onto the roadways.

    Brian Kanof / El Paso Times
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    I-10 at Schuster (UTEP Exit)

    Do you really get how many thousands of students attend UTEP? If you haven't really thought about it, try driving around the mountain by the Sun Bowl exit in the early morning as the students are trying to get to class.

    Victor Calzada / El Paso Times