The mother of a 22-year-old man who was killed by an El Paso Police officer during a traffic stop says that shooting and two others in the Northeast part of town are all gang related.

Charles Bertram was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for a broken headlight on August 6th in the parking lot of a nightclub on Dyer. Bertram got out of the car, but then appeared to reach back into the backseat. He backed away from officers, appeared to be hit with something, and then took off running. He died a short time later on the street.

ABC 7 spoke to the family of Bertram and put together this timeline of events:

On August 5th, Toris Deandre Knight was shot by Cortez Devonte Thomas. Knight was reportedly associated with the Bloods and Thomas, is allegedly a member of the Gangster Disciples.

On August 6th, Charles Bertram was at a vigil for Knight at the Players nightclub. He was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by El Paso police for a broken headlight. He allegedly fired at police with a gun, who returned fire. Bertram died a short time later.

On August 10th, an unnamed man was allegedly shot at by Chad King and Deshaun Swift Jones on U.S. 54. The man was unhurt, and King and Jones were arrested at a Border Patrol checkpoint as they headed out of El Paso.

The man in that shooting, according to police, knew King because of an ongoing gang feud over a recent murder. Bertram's family says he also knew King, but said she didn't believe that her son was in a gang. Bertram's mother also said she is very concerned about the escalating gang violence in Northeast El Paso.