Graduation season is upon us and if you've been to one lately, you know that things can, and do, get a little out of hand...

A woman in South Carolina found out the hard way that her daughter's school was going to take a hard line on overzealous cheering at graduation when she was arrested for making too much noise.  Unfortunately, there is no video of the woman's cheering, but here is a completely unrelated video of a confrontation after a spectator got into it with a couple of girls she felt were being too loud at a graduation ceremony:

Darren and I got to watch our niece Jaymie graduate with honors from UTEP a couple of weeks ago, and I can tell you,  there were a lot of people who yelled and made so much noise when their family member's name was called that the next three names couldn't be heard.  I'm glad that your family member got a huge cheer, but what about the others?  They worked just as hard to get that cap and gown, and their moment was ruined.

Have you seen people cheering too loudly at graduation, and would you be willing to confront someone about it like the woman in the video?  Or would you just sit quietly and be hacked off in silence?  Is your school banning excessive cheering at graduation?  What is your take on too much cheering at graduation?