A New Mexico woman has been missing since Saturday but her car was found.

Brittany Johnson of Albuquerque was last seen by her family on Saturday morning and has been missing ever since. Brittany Johnson, 24 has never really strayed from home, her family told authorities.

This morning Johnson's car was found at the top of the Sandia Crest but no trail of evidence as to where Brittany may be. No body was found near or around the car.

Authorities are now in full search and rescue mode and are now combing the area with search and rescue dogs and later helicopters will be flown in. The search and rescue operation will continue for the next 48 hours in the general location that Johnson's car was found.

The vehicle has no damage and nothing suspicious was found in or around the car. Authorities are asking anyone with information about Brittany's whereabouts to call the police right away.