Every Monday, I do a blog called 'Military Mondays', where we highlight a Fort Bliss member of the military.  We love to have their families and friends tell us why they are so proud of their loved one who is serving our country.  This week, I'm highlighting the Fort Bliss newspaper, 'The Monitor'.


I contacted 'The Monitor' to tell them about 'Military Mondays' so they could help us put out the word about the blog.  A lovely reporter named Victoria Molinar called me back and we talked about 'Military Mondays'. 

I told her how lucky I was to have my listeners well wishes when Ryan did his 3 deployments to Iraq, and I wanted to give other military families the chance to tell El Paso why their soldier is so special!  Victoria asked if I think that El Paso supports our military servicemen and women, and I told her we absolutely do!  El Paso has always been a military town, and we are so grateful for all the service and sacrifice of the troops and their families. 

Click on the link above to read Victoria's piece on 'Military Mondays' in 'The Monitor', and then fill out the form below to tell us all about your loved one who is serving in the military!