Every Monday, we like to introduce you to one of the troops stationed here at Ft. Bliss. This week, we introduce you to Cortez Cox.  He was nominated to be a part of Military Mondays by his lovely girlfriend, and biggest cheerleader, Perla Navejas.


Perla writes:

Cortez has been to Iraq 3 time, and suffered severe back injuries, but that has not stopped him.  We met almost six months ago, and I am in love with this man.  I have never met anyone more deserving of anything but good things.  He is almost out of the Army, and they are making it really hard for him.

But regardless, he puts on that uniform every morning with pride.  He also has a huge heart!  One of his Army buddies is also soon getting out of the Army, but because of some finance issue, has not gotten pai.  My boyfriend is letting him stay with him for free!!

He is an amazing father to a beautiful little girl who is back home in Louisville, KY, where he is from.  He is intelligent, funny, hard working - simply amazing!

A couple of months ago, I "jokingly" said that my mission is to let the entire world know what a great man he is.  He just laughed and probably thought I was kidding... oh no... I figured the one person that could help me out would be, of course, Oprah, lol!

So I've writte letters and left voicemails back and forth... no success....  But this morning, as I was driving to work, I heard that there has not been much of a response for Military Mondays, so I thought:  First El Paso, then the world!!

I have the best man in the world, and I want  all of El Paso to know it!!!

This is a picture of Cortez*

perla navejas

*Perla says, and I quote(!), "P*nche is the one with the basketball!"