Today is Monday, and that means it's time to honor another Military Monday's recipient.  Today, we meet Alberto Alba.  He was nominated by his wife, and biggest cheerleader(!), Vianey.

Vianey says she and Albert met back in high school when he was a freshmen, and she was a sophmore. They were both in JROTC.  She said his name always caught her attention, because "Alberto Alba" was always so catchy.  Vianey said it took a while, but eventually they spoke more than one word other than "hi and bye'' to each other after they both joined a guitar class.

Albert always seemed so dedicated to his guitar, and later, he told Vianey that she would make him nervous when she would sit down next to him in class and watch him play his time away.


courtesy: vianey alba


Vianey writes, "Who knew that years later we would end up married. In 2008 we dated once, which lasted 3 months, and then went our own ways. A year later, we crossed paths once again after he graduated boot camp. In November of 2009, we ended up being attached at the hip. We have been happily married since January 24, 2010. We have a son together, Aiden Anthony Alba. Aiden is an energized year old little boy, who loves screaming from the top of his lungs, and loves yelling "daddy" at uniformed Marines. Aiden will be turning two in December 4, hopefully his daddy will be home by then!"







Both Albert's family and Vianey's family are from El Paso.  They are both graduates of Americas High School, Albert class of '09, and Vianey class of '08. Albert joined the military during his last year of high school.  Vianey says he joined because he felt it was his duty to defend the ones he loves.  He took the job many wouldn't do, and the job that he felt would make a difference in his and other's lives.  Albert is in the Infantry, and is a dog handler with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, Dog Company.


courtesy: vianey alba


Vianey says that although he loves his job, now that he has a family of his own to support, and a son to help raise, he wishes he could be home.  Albert is currently deployed in Afghanistan and is scheduled to return home before the end of the year.







courtesy: vianey alba


We join all of El Paso in thanking Alberto Alba for his service to our country.  Our prayers for his safe return and our thanks to his family for supporting him during his service also go out to his wife, Vianey, and his son, Aiden.








P.S.  I have to say, these are the most heartbreakingly beautiful photos I've ever seen.  I remember seeing Ryan off at Fort Bliss, and it is, to say the least, surreal.  You know where you're loved one is going, but everyone is trying to put on a brave face for each other.  When I downloaded these picture, I almost didn't use them, because they are so personal.  But I hope seeing them gives everyone a glimpse of what "service to our country" really means.

Thank you so much to Vianey Alba for sharing these with us.