It's my honor to do a weekly feature here at KISS FM called Military Mondays.  It's a blog that celebrates our troops stationed in the El Paso area.  This week, we hear from a very proud friend of one of our local troops!

Damaris Santiago is the proud friend who told us about Adrian Tomlinson.  Adrian serves in the Army, and he sounds like a man who deserves the pride of his friends, and his country!  Damaris tells us:


"Adrian was born 27 years ago in Savannah, Georgia.  He was placed in foster care, which motivated him to become independent.  He has always wanted to make an amazing contribution to society and his family.  Adrian places everyones needs before his. He will take the extra time, even if he has to wake up at 3a.m. or work weekends, to make sure the job is done and his soldiers are safe.

He never wants to take credit for the good, even if he had everything to do with it.  In the summer he volunteers at shelters, with youth organizations. Every Christmas he sends gifts to every child back at home in Georgia, at his old foster care.  This past Christmas he gave La Posada Home, not only his volunteer time, but Christmas gifts to all the children.

Everyone that knows Adrian will tell you how amazing he truly is. He is a role model to every boy that is being raised to become man.  He teaches everyone around him to really appreciate their blessings and share them with everyone.  He fights for his country, and as he says, " To keep them (the combatant)from coming here and hurting us(his country, USA)".  He's my hero!"

Damaris, Adrian is our hero, too!  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian for his service to our country!

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