This week we’d like to honor Daniel Rios as our soldier of the week.

Kymberly, Daniel’s wife, writes:
My husband is 26-years-old born in Abeline, Texas. He loves adventure, amusement park but mostly, boxing! He originally wanted to make boxing his career, but because life happened so soon, Danny decided to join the military in 2007 to better the life of his children. I met my husband in 2009 an instantly fell in love! Danny have the gift to touch people's heart with just a smile! As a section chief for 4-1 FA, my husband loves what he does and proudly puts on his uniform and follows where duty calls.

Daniel is a provider for the family, a teacher for our boys and my rock when things get hard. With duty comes a price. He came back from Afghanistan in July was deployed for 10 months, but not once have I heard him complain. I guess you can say boxing was his passion but serving our country is a calling it gives him a purpose to be all he can be. Before he got deployed he sat me down and told me " if it came down to it, I would give my up my life so my soldiers can live theirs.” It's hard to explain the man he is without getting the privilege to know him.


So we salute you, Section Chief Danny Rios. Thank you for serving our country so proudly.