Disney and Nickelodeon are colliding! Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande want to collaborate!

Cyrus opened the floodgates for the tweenage dream duet on Twitter (where else?). And, being Miley, she had to throw in a reference to her being naked.

Grande responded almost immediately, gushing over her love for Cyrus and excitement over working together.

The pair have more in common than their television beginnings (Cyrus on 'Hannah Montana,' Grande on 'Victorious' then 'Sam & Cat'). They're both BFFs with Justin Bieber and have some serious vocal chops!

What's more, both ladies love working with others. Cyrus has recording duets and features with the likes of Snoop Lion, Big Sean, will.i.am, Juicy J, Bieber and Lil Twist, while Grande teamed up with her new beau, Nathan Sykes of the Wanted, for 'Almost Is Never Enough.'

C'mon, ladies -- hurry up and make this happen!