REAL (WO)MAN OF GENIUS ... 43-year-old Bonnie Usher of Hooksett, New Hampshire, BADLY botched her attempt to rob a drug store.

Bonnie walked into a Rite-Aid in Manchester, New Hampshire with a hooded sweatshirt and ski mask covering her face, approached an employee, put something metallic to her head, and demanded money.

The employee thought Bonnie had a gun, so she gave her the cash from one of the registers. Bonnie ran out of the store, hopped in her car and drove away, but as she did, a witness noticed that her car had a personalized vanity license plate.

It read "B-USHER." That's right. Bonnie's getaway car was her own car . . . and it had a personalized license plate featuring her first initial and last name. The cops arrested her for armed robbery within a few hours.

NO GINGERBREAD MEN IN ENGLAND ... The holiday season is fast approaching, so we're right on schedule for the annual tradition of politically correct insanity that ruins everyone's Christmas cheer. Here's the first one so far this year.

In Lancashire, England the local county council has decided that the term "GINGERBREAD MAN" isn't politically correct. So this winter, area schools need to serve "gingerbread persons" instead.