A couple of weeks ago a cop in San Antonio spotted a car parked by the side of the road with 48-year-old Sheila Eubank tied up inside.

She told police she had been the victim of a knife point kidnapping by a drug dealer who forced her to withdraw cash from an ATM, then drive around San Antonio for 12 hours while he carried out his drug deals.

But the more they looked into it, the more inconsistencies they found with her story.

Especially after they discovered a lottery ticket in her purse that was purchased around the same time she was allegedly kidnapped.

That led to them reviewing surveillance video, which revealed that Eubank had not only bought the ticket herself, she’d also made the ATM withdrawal alone -- no drug dealer anywhere in sight.

When confronted with all the evidence, Sheila finally admitted she'd made the entire thing up.

So why the elaborate story? Because she, quote, “simply wanted a day off from work.” Well, she got her wish, along with a charge of aggravated perjury, which is a third-degree felony