Let me preface this by saying I’m as big an Elvis Presley fan as the next guy. But it’s one thing to call yourself a fan, and a whole ‘nother to spend thousands on a pair of his stained underwear.

Sixteen thousand is how much a British auction house thinks a pair of The King’s stained "light blue dance briefs" that he wore during a show back in 1977 so people wouldn't see panty lines when he wore "his vast array of dazzling jumpsuits" will bring in.

The hunka-hunka Elvis’ chones are even described in the auction listing as, quote, "unwashed with some stains apparent." Eww. Despite the skid marks  -- or maybe because of the skid marks -- the auction house expects someone who loves him tender to pay 16-grand for them.

Just Asking: Is there any celebrity whose stained underwear you would want? Let me know in the "leave a comment" box below