A Florida woman suspected of shoplifting tried to avoid arrest by throwing her baby at the cop. Ashley Taylor Wright had jacked about $250 worth of clothing from a department store but was spotted by an employee who then called the cops.

When the officer caught up to her in the parking lot, Wright decided her best getaway plan was use her infant daughter as a shield!

As the cops approached her car, she held up the three-month-old and yelled, quote, "You'll have to shoot through the baby to get me!" She then bolted from the driver's seat – but not before throwing the baby, who was strapped into a car seat, in his direction.

The baby was not hurt, and Wright was apprehended moments later. She was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed infant and assault with a deadly newborn. Hi-Yo! Just kidding; it was actually felony child abuse, petty theft, and resisting arrest.

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