Next time you get pulled over for speeding and your plan to get out of a ticket involves a dying family member, know this: cops know how to Google too.

Carley Williams was pulled over by New Hampshire state trooper Christopher Cummings after he caught her going 82 mph in a 65 mph zone. But Carley got out of a ticket by telling the trooper she was “distraught” and racing home to say goodbye to her dying father. “She told me her father had stage four cancer, that he was breathing only six breaths a minute, and that she was trying to make it to the hospital before he passed,” Cummings told ABC News.

He bought the excuse at the time and let her go with a warning, but later discovered Williams was driving with a suspended registration. Cummings then went on the web and found out her father had in fact died five years ago! The trooper was so ticked off at being misled, he headed over to her house to personally confront her with a copy of her father's obituary that he'd found on the Internet.

And even with all the research Cummings presented her with, Williams still tried to lie her way out of it. Only after she was arrested for the suspended registration and hauled off to the station did she admit the story she'd told was bogus.

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