Woman Stabbed Herself to Frame Mistress But Got Caught Because She Used Her Own Lipstick On the Threatening Note: Lyn Kitching of Hull, England found out last year her husband was sleeping with her married friend, Andrea Pearce, and began faking a series of threats and attacks against herself, with the sole purpose of framing Andrea for the crimes.

Over nine months, Lyn sent herself threatening letters, threw bleach in her face, set her own home on fire, and stabbed herself with a screwdriver. She was so convincing, Andrea spent a total of 20 hours being questioned in police custody, and was arrested four times!

Lyn’s diabolical plan finally came to end when she slipped up while writing one of those threatening messages. She wrote the phrase "Ha ha die fast" in lipstick on the window of her house using her own lipstick. Police were able to match the Lyn’s DNA from the lipstick message and then to the envelopes from the threatening notes.

Lyn pleaded guilty earlier this week to the very British charge of "perverting the course of justice" and got a nine-month suspended sentence.