A 33-year-old Colorado woman was arrested and jailed over the weekend after she admitted to pushing and choking her boyfriend. So, what set her off? He would not stop singing the song “Thrift Shop” -- even after she asked him “25 times” to stop.

According to the police report, Samantha Malson and her 26-year-old boyfriend were celebrating his birthday on Saturday night, and by ‘celebrating’ I mean they got their drink on. Around midnight, he laid down on the couch and started playing the hit song "Thrift Shop". And he kept playing and singing it. Over and over and over. Samantha says despite repeated asking, ("25 TIMES"), she finally snapped and went all WWE on him, eventually choking him out.

Malson told the cops, quote, "He just annoyed me [so] I grabbed him around the throat. I did it for intimidation." She was arrested for harassment and domestic violence.