Woman Charged With Her Sixth DUI Shows Up to Court Drunk ... Sandra Uher of Elgin, Illinois was scheduled to appear in court for a hearing concerning her SIXTH DUI arrest since 1997. This last time she was busted, she was out on bail and driving on a suspended license. Oh, and she blew a .30 on the breathalyzer!!! That’s FOUR TIMES the legal limit, Skippy! Sandra not only showed up for court, she showed up for court DRUNK. If she was hoping for leniency from the judge she can forget about it now. Her latest escaped could get her up to 30 years in prison.

Man Goes Through Trouble of Carving Giant Hole in Wall So He Can Steal 12 Beers ... Rui J. Rua of Bridgeport, Connecticut went to all the trouble of carving a giant hole in the wall of a deli just so he could steal 12 beers. That's it. 12 beers. Although he did manage to get away, police found him a few minutes later sitting in his car with a large chisel, a hand saw, and half a beer in his hand.