Police in Michigan busted a woman for breaking and entering after she accidentally locked herself in her own car. The 42-year-old woman from Curtis, Michigan broke into a small family owned Inn in Portage Township, Michigan on Monday and began loading up her car with food, dishes, silverware, and other kitchen supplies.

By the time she was done cleaning out the place, her car was packed to the roof with stolen stuff. But when she tried to drive away she couldn't find her keys. An even bigger problem; the door latches on the inside don’t work so, to open her doors, she needs to roll down her window and use the outside handle. What’s worse, she needed the keys to start the car to roll down the windows – rendering her effectively trapped inside her car.

Workers eventually noticed the missing items and called cops, who freed her from one lockup and drove her down to another one. Her name (or hair color) was not released.