34-year-old Terri Mezzatesta is in trouble with the law for doing the mattress mambo with her 14 year-old son’s best friend. The twist here is that HER SON is the one who busted her out to school officials.

Mezzatesta initially claimed that she was passed out drunk and unaware the 15-year-old was having sex with her. But cops didn't buy it because, according to her 14-year-old son, he caught them in the act after hearing his mother yell out, "Right there, baby!" So, now the mom has to deal with legal issues, but the son has it worse; he has to deal with the image of his mom bumping uglies with his friend for the rest of his life.

In recent years, there have been plenty of moms and high school teachers getting in trouble with the law for corrupting teenage boys, and be honest, everytime you hear stories about this sort of stuff you want to know one thing, don't you? You want to know if the woman was hot. You tell me