When is gyrating your baby making parts in front of a bathroom mirror illegal? When it's not your bathroom mirror you're dancing naked in front of! It wasn't even 41 year-old Hector Sanchez's home, for that matter.

El Paso P.D.

According to the El Paso P.D., the owner of the home in the 900 block of North Carolina on the Far East Side arrived home Monday afternoon and heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. A quick investigation by her resulted in the discovery of a naked man shaking his groove thing. She called the cops who responded with a unit of their own -- a canine unit.

Sanchez was given several chances to cover up little Hector and come out with only his hands up, but he supposedly refused and the dog was released. The police report states McGruff found him laying nude on the bed. And this might shock you: he was allegedly intoxicated.

Sanchez now faces charges of Criminal Trespass, Criminal Mischief, and taking the Harlem Shake craze way too far.