Man Who Pledged Not To Shave Until Bin Laden Caught Finally Got To Shave ... Gary Weddle -- a science teacher at Ephrata Middle School in Ephrata, Washington -- vowed to his students on September 11th, 2001 that he would never shave his face again until OSAMA BIN LADEN was caught. And true to his word, he kept his vow. 

Monday, one day after PRESIDENT OBAMA'S announcement, and 3,454 days after his declaration he finally shaved his beard off. And it's a good thing too because, ironically, he was starting to look like bin Laden! Gary says people would constantly tell him bin Laden was probably dead and we didn't realize it, or he was alive and we'd never find him, or that he'd die and his body would never be recovered.

But through it all, Gary was willing to never shave again for the rest of his life out of his spirit of faith and patriotism!!! USA!!! USA!!! Check out the before and after ...

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