WHEN CAUGHT GUMBY IS GOING TO THE POKEY: A man wearing a giant Gumby costume tried to rob a 7-Eleven in San Diego, California yesterday. I say tried, because after announcing his intentions, Gumby couldn't pull out his weapon.

Police are looking for the man who walked in and told the clerk, "This is a robbery." The clerk thought it was a joke, and told Gumby he had to clean and didn't have time to mess around. But Gumby wasn't playing, though. He told the clerk he was serious, then reached into his pocket for a weapon to show just how serious he was. But, alas, the Gumby suit proved to be too cumbersome and he ended up fumbling around for a few minutes without grabbing his weapon.

He eventually left the store, but not before leaving behind 26 cents that had fallen out of his pocket. That's right: He left the robbery with less money than he started with!!! (Insert sad trombone sound effect here)