Mailman Photographed Pooping In Someone's Bushes ... A Portland, Oregon, mailman has been suspended after he was photographed POOPING in someone's bushes on his route. Don Derfler - the home owner - was waiting for his babysitter, when he looked out the window and saw the postal worker acting strange in front of a neighbor's house. Don took out his camera just in time to catch the mailman squat near some bushes and start doing his dirty business.

When the postal worker pulled up his trousers and moved on, Don went over and took photos of the evidence!!! He later showed the photos to the neighbor whose bushes had been pooped in, and that neighbor called the Postal Service. The mailman has been suspended pending an investigation.

 Man Stabs Friend Over Mike Tyson ... A teacher from Tyumen, Russia named Nikolai Makeyev was hanging out in his apartment drinking and talking boxing with a couple of friends recently when things turned ugly fast. Nikolai stated that Mike Tyson was the greatest boxer ever. His two friends started strongly disagreed arguing the KLITSCHKO brothers are better.

(The Klitschkos are heavyweight boxers from the Ukraine experts agree pound for pound, the best heavyweights in the business right now. One of them - Wladimir, is dating HAYDEN PANETTIERE.)

When Nikolai wouldn't back down, his friends accused him of being UNPATRIOTIC since he kept saying that Mike Tyson, an American, could beat his fellow country men. Well, them was fighting words and Nikolai ended up STABBING one of his friends. The other one was able to get away.