GORILLA vs. BANANA - WHO YOU GOT???!!!: A teenager who may or may not still be wearing a banana suit is at large after an unprovoked assault on the gorilla mascot that a Verizon Wireless Center in Strongsville, Ohio employs to promote its store.

Here's how it went down: The gorilla was minding his own business, waving a half-off sign to potential shoppers when, seemingly out of nowhere, a kid dressed as a banana ran out of the bushes and tackled him. After knocking the gorilla mascot to the ground, the banana peeled out on foot with a bunch of four friends.

Brandon Parham, the store’s manager, told Cleveland's Fox 8 the attacking teenager "looked like a Spartan from that movie ’300,’ except he was a banana.” After being tackled, the gorilla was able to pick himself up and continued to wave the sign.

More from Parham in  Fox 8′s report below.