A New Mexico man was arrested for buying a woman food so that she would have sex with him. Wait, isn’t that called ‘dating’?! Anyway, 58-year-old Donald Jones of Farmington, New Mexico picked up a … ahem … “escort” in Albuquerque and offered to take her to Mickey D’s in exchange for some lovin’.

Now I'm not sure what quality of prostitute you get in exchange for McNuggets, but apparently in New Mexico you can find someone who'll take that deal. According to the police report, Jones and company went through the drive thru, got food, and then went to a nearby park to complete the deal. That’s where they were confronted by the cops, who say they saw the woman pulling up her pants in the car.

After putting a stop to whatever was about to go on, Donald was arrested when they found him to be in possession of illegal prescription drugs.