Back in the day, “the dog ate my homework” was a kid’s go-to excuse. But kids today don’t think on such simple levels. Take 22-year-old Susan Paola Fadel Correia, for example,  a college student in Brazil. Her final paper was due but she hadn't finished, so she came up with a plan I’m sure we all would have: She faked a kidnapping!

Susan claimed three men tied her up and held her captive for 24 hours. She told the cops after the first day she managed to escape, borrowed a phone from a man on the street, and called her mother. A brief investigation, however, determined it was all a fake.

According to a police spokesman, Susan said she faked the kidnapping because, quote, "she didn't want to upset her mother yet again as the same thing happened last term." The college student was charged with false reporting of a crime and now faces one to six months in prison. Hey, they don't mess around in Brazil.