Last week, two Florida grandparents were accused of using their SUV to tow their granddaughter down the street in her toy car after they had a few drinks. This week, an Indiana man and his girlfriend were pulled over by state troopers and cited for drinking and driving with four kids ... ON the car.

Aaron Stefanski and his girlfriend had stopped to refuel -- at a liquor store, no less -- when they were struck with the idea to strap the kids to the hood with a tow strap. The store manager was watching all this go down and called cops, who tracked Stefanski down about three blocks away.

Stefanski, whose blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit by the way, said he did it because he thought they'd enjoy it. No word if the kids truly did enjoy it, but if they’re anything like me when I was a kid then I’m betting they sure did! Weeeee!