BiBi and Poldi are two giant turtles living at a zoo in Austria who have been "married" for 115 years. But now, zoo officials say, they're getting a divorce.  Things started going downhill earlier this year after the female, Bibi, bit off a chunk of Poldi's shell. That was apparantly the last straw for Poldi.

Despite the zoo staff's attempts at couples counseling, feeding them aphrodisiacs, and trying to get them to play games together, a reconciliation doesn't look like it's in the works. "We get the feeling they can't stand the sight of each other anymore," says the zoo director. So after 115 years, they're being split into separate cages. *Sigh* If THIS marriage couldn't last, what chance do ANY of us have? But on the bright side, since giant turtles live an average of 150 years, they will both probably have another shot to find love.