A 71-year old Connecticut woman was busted for prostitution after an online ad for her services led to her arrest. Wait, what? A 71 year old hooker?! I know it’s called the world’s oldest profession but this is ridiculous!

Sygun Liebhart of Westport, Connecticut was popped after her online ad in the escort section of a Craigslist-type website titled "Older is Better" caught the eye of investigators. The septuagenarian sexpot's ad beckoned those into mature lovin' to "savor the charms of maturity" of "Lola" and "submit yourself to sensuous abandon in the arms of a genuine cougar," and included lingerie photos.

She was arrested after meeting an undercover cop at a hotel and agreeing to have sex for money.

You're curious about those aforementioned lingerie photos, aren't you? Okay, but just remember what you see cannot be unseen. If you're alright with that then click HERE, HERE, and HERE.