Tony Bravo wants you to know he is not me. And he's apparently soooo insulted by the idea that someone who has never seen either one of us might make that mistake, he recently blogged about it in a post titled "What's Up with 'What's Up'"

Here's the back story: After our recent "Little Black Dress Party" at the Garden, the entertainment weekly "What's Up" printed a few pictures from that night. One of them (below) was captioned "Mike Martinez from "Mike and Trish in the Mornings" picks out a winner for a Free trip to Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel".

Poor English aside, the handsome fellow pictured was not yours truly, but the man, the myth, the legend: Tony Bravo! And Tony was not pleased with the mis-identification.  "I don’t know who should be more insulted," he blogged. "Me or Mike!!!"

Then ... get this ... he CALLED AND COMPLAINED about the misprint to none other than "What's Up" publisher Secret Wherrett! Yup, he went all the way to the top! That's how insulted he was. Well, Tony, you'll be happy to know the publication offered a retraction this week ...

"On our photo page last week," it reads, " we misidentified one of the KISS-FM 93.1 emcees at the Little Black Dress party at The Garden ...It was Tony Bravo, not Mike Martinez. They are very different people who look nothing alike. We apologize for the error, although we were glad to provide fodder for Tony's afternoon show."

As am I, Tony, as am I.