Our efforts to collect the more than 400 store-bought pre-assembled Easter baskets we’re still short of will continue this morning in the parking lot of the Walgreen’s on Geronimo and I-10 West from 7 – 9 a.m.

Easter baskets collected and those bought with your monies will be donated to the children housed or helped out by agencies such as The Rescue Mission of El Paso, The Center against Family Violence, Aliviane, The Salvation Army, and The Transitional Living Center — as well as a few others.

Pre-assembled store bought Easter baskets and/or cash donations can also be dropped off with our Easter bunny between 7 and 9 AM:

Tuesday April 3 – Wal Mart parking lot on N. Mesa off I-10 West
Wednesday April 4 – Cielo Vista Mall parking lot by JC Penny
Or between 8AM and 5PM at our studios located at 4180 N. Mesa.

We realize times are still tough and many of us continue to pinch pennies, but whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Every dollar and every store bought basket adds up!