Hi, it’s Mike and Tricia! Easter Sunday is rolling up on us, which means it’s time to once again help us collect pre-assembled store bought Easter baskets for children in need. Here's how you can help us give back to our community.

The past few years the involvement of offices, classrooms and school organizations has been key to us not only reaching but surpassing our goal, and we're hoping this year you'll consider participating in such an endeavor. If your group, work place or classroom would like to help out, please touch base and coordinate your efforts with Tricia Martinez before you get hoppin'. She can reached at 544-9300 or via email, tricia@ksii.com

Easter baskets collected and those bought with your monies will be donated to the children housed or helped out by agencies such as The Rescue Mission of El Paso, The Center against Family Violence, Aliviane, The Salvation Army, and The Transitional Living Center — as well as quite a few others. Children who otherwise wouldn’t receive any goodies on Easter Sunday.

Thanks in advance for making sure less fortunate kids in El Paso have a happy Easter. Your generosity over the years has been so meaningful to so many children and families.