They say it's better to give than to receive, and Mike and Tricia Mornings takes that saying very seriously!  That's why we're giving you the chance to win a whole bunch of great prizes, including One Thousand Dollars, with Mike and Tricia's 12 Days of KISSmas!


It's easy to win the 12 Days of KISSmas - just be listening every Monday - Friday at 6:40 am, 7:20 am, and 8:20 am for that day's prize. Write down every word we say, word for word, and on the 12th Day of KISSmas, be caller number 93, give us the complete list back, word for word, and you walk away with all the loot!

We know you're busy in the morning, that's why we give you three chances to hear that day's prize. You could also go in with a family member or a co-worker so if you miss anything, there is a backup. If you win, you can split the list of prizes - more Merry KISSmas for everyone!

Here is how the 12th Day of KISSmas will go down:


You’ll get the 12th Day at approximately 6:40 am, 7:20 am, 8:20 am, as always.

Then sometime between 8:30 and 9:15 we’ll ask for the 93rd caller.

That person will read the list back to us, verbatim, word for word, from Day 1 all the way to Day 12, each time starting with "On the first day of KISSmas, Mike and Tricia gave to me … On the second day of KISSmas, Mike and Tricia gave to me ...", and so on, and so forth.

If you get through all 12 days word for word, the way we said them on the radio, you will win every item on the list, including One Thousand Dollars!

If you say Christmas instead of KISSmas, leave out a word, add a word, or what you wrote down does not match our list in any other way, we will have to move on to the next caller.  The first caller who gives us the entire list back correctly, WINS!

It's the KISSmas season, and you get all the prizes from Mike and Tricia Mornings and 93.1 KISS FM!

Don't forget to listen Tuesday morning for Day number 4!