RELATIONSHIP REPORT - MICHAEL DOUGLAS/CATHERINE ZETA REPORTEDLY BACK TOGETHER: Apparently time apart is what MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES needed after all. After 13 years of wedded bliss, the couple announced in August they were “taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.”

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Well, we are happy to report that Michael has moved back in with Catherine and, according to London’s Daily Mail, the pair is “tentatively attempting a reconciliation.” Their sources say it was Michael who urged Catherine to give their love another try. Word is Douglas has moved his things back into the Bedford, New York apartment they were sharing before the split and are currently “hammering out their issues.”

IN DENIAL - MILEY CYRUS IS NOT PREGNANT: Contrary to rumors making the rounds online, MILEY CYRUS is not pregnant with rapper Juicy J’s baby. I repeat, Miley Cyrus is not pregnant. Miley took to Twitter to respond to the reports, Tweeting ...

After a fan site Tweeted back, "hahaha the Gossip Sites are just looking for the attention. so they have to say shit like this to get it," Miley hit back with ...

The story actually originated on a satire website ... which claimed Cyrus “blurted out” the announcement during the BET Awards over the weekend after Juicy J told the crowd Miley had been, quote, “doing a lot more than twerking." The 100% made up report even claimed Billy Ray took the stage to say that his little girl “really broke my achy breaky heart” with her news. Despite how ridiculous the story was, it gained traction on Twitter and was quickly picked up by a number of gullible gossip sites.

DIAZ DATING DEL TORO?: Are two of Hollywood’s hottest single stars an item? Word on the street is that CAMERON DIAZ and BENICIO DEL TORO are getting all smoove up in each other. All it took for this rumor to get started was for the pair to get spotted together in New York City this weekend, attending the grand opening of a club/restaurant. They didn't help matters with their attempt to stay incognito, with Del Toro walking slightly behind Diaz, as she kept her head down to avoid paparazzi. (PHOTO)

TODAY IN JUSTIN BIEBER DOUCHEY BEHAVIOR: JUSTIN BIEBER is in China right now. He seems to be having a pretty good time. His bodyguards? Not so much. They're having to work hard for their money. Justin, who hasn't exactly shown regard for others feelings, had them carry him on their shoulders up the Great Wall of China because, well, because he's a douche and because he can. Earlier in the week, those same bodyguards were seen sprinting alongside Bieber as he skateboarded around Beijing.


'DANCING' UPDATE: As expected, BILL NYE "THE SCIENCE GUY" got the boot from "Dancing With the Stars" last night. He never stood much of a chance anyway, and it didn't help that last week he injured his leg. His pro-dancer partner designed a routine based on robotic movements that wouldn't require Bill to do very much, but it was as lame as the description sound, and the judges gave him the low score of the night resulting in his elimination.


BABY POOP: Congratulations to MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR and his wife Catriona, who welcomed a bouncing baby boy into their lives on Monday. The one-time “Zack Morris” tells People magazine they named him Dekker Edward Gosselaar. This is their first child together. Mark has two other children from a previous relationship.

STACY KEIBLER SHOWS US HER (NEW BOYFRIEND) PICS: STACY KEIBLER has a new boyfriend. Keibler, who split from GEORGE CLOONEY earlier this year, is dating some tech entrepreneur named Jared Pobre. Here's the pic she posted of her and her new man vacationing in Paris.