We're sadly basically trained from birth to believe there's nothing more attractive than a super-skinny blonde.  But, according to a new survey from the social networking and dating site Badoo, that's ALL wrong!

They surveyed men in the U.S., England, France, Spain, Italy, and Brazil, and asked their favorite woman's eye color, hair color, and body type.  And both "skinny" and "blonde" came in a whopping 3rd! We have hope ladies!

The ideal woman has an "average" body type, size 10 to 12, black hair, and...get this...blue eyes? Boo, not everyone has the priveledge to have colored eyes! Sheesh!

For body types, "average" came in first, curvy, size 12 to 16, came in second, skinny, size four to six, came in third, and full-figured, size 16 and up, came in fourth. For eye color, blue dominated the list.  Brown came in second (yay!) , green is third, and hazel is fourth. And for hair, black was first, brown was second, blonde was third, and red was a distant fourth. 

Those results were the same in EVERY single country with only a few exceptions.  The French men are the only ones who picked "skinny" as their favorite body type, prudes! And British men preferred brown hair.  Otherwise, it was the same across the board. SO ladies, there is hope for us NORMAL BEAUTIES! lol