What's the hold up?

Photo: Robin Zielinski / Sun-News

The “Memorial Bow Tie” is a 6 foot by 3 foot bow tie that represents ties commonly worn by Miguel Silva. The piece of art was on displayed on a tree in Klein Park, at 155 N. Mesquite St., which is in the former councilor’s district. The Bow Tie is made of fiberglass and is painted red, white and blue. It is believed the bow tie was taken from Klein Park on or before Monday, February 29th.

The owner of La Nueva Casita Café, across from the park has offered to accept safe return of the bow tie anonymously, no questions asked. Anyone who may have information is asked to call police at (575) 526-0795. It is just wanted to be returned undamaged and no charges will be filed.

UPDATE: Since the bow tie has been found and recovered safely to the community, however it has not been put back up. Police have not found a suspect or anyone to charge in the replacement. They are also waiting for a proper bracket to hang the bow tie, now exact word on when it will be up.