The Decades Party is happening tonight at the Holiday Inn Airport.  We’re asking you to dress up as your favorite personality from any decade but that’s just half the fun.  Dancing is what truly makes or breaks a party.  I’ve attached some of the more memorable dance scenes from movies along with the appropriate times to bust out with these particular moves.





Do:  Pulp Fiction – You get bonus points if you dance this barefoot.

Don’t:  Kickboxer – One of the truly more memorable WTF scenes I’ve ever seen.  Van Damme kinda made the splits his thing though, don’t you think?

After someone tries putting you in the corner: Dirty Dancing - Hey Jennifer Grey, I’m real happy for you and I'mma let you finish but Road House is the best Patrick Swayze move of all time, OF ALL TIME!

If you happen to lose your pants: Risky Business – Here's a fun game, see if you can finish the entire dance before you get kicked out for not wearing pants.

After talking it over with friends first: She’s All That – In my opinion, this beats the hell out of the Electric Slide.

If you’re in a barn: Footloose – I didn’t link a scene from the remake because I refuse to acknowledge that it exists (even though I kinda just did).

If you’re from Idaho: Napoleon Dynamite – This scene made me want to grow an afro.