The look of the 2015 Sun Court is a little different this year. 19-year-old UTEP student Hala Abdel-Jaber is representing not only the university and the Court, but her culture and religion as well.

She is also dealing with being Muslim in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks and Donald Trump saying he would ban Muslims from entering the United States if elected President.

So why would Abdel-Jaber put herself in the spotlight?

She says because she "wanted to show that its OK to be different." Abdel-Jaber's parents are from Kuwait, but the Coronado High grad says she is as American as American comes.

Abdel-Jaber says that's why when she found out a Muslim woman was involved in the California attacks, it hurt her deeply because that's not what her culture or religion stands for. Having to deal with being called a terrorist because she is Muslim is also hurtful. Her true feelings came out when she cried as she talked of her parents concern for her.

As for Trump, Abdel-Jaber said she doesn't hate him for what he said, but rather sees it as an opportunity to explain the real meaning of Islam and become a stronger person.

I have to hand it to Hala, she is beautiful woman who finds herself in a firestorm not of her making. I am so happy that she is representing El Paso and UTEP in the Sun Bowl Court, and hope she knows that not everyone shares the distasteful views of Trump.

Way to go, Hala!