Some hikers thought they were exploring El Paso's mountains and getting some fresh air, but instead, they got the daylights scared out of them by a naked guy living in El Paso's mountains!

Our newspartners at KVIA got the story straight from the hikers.  They said they were hiking in the mountains in the northeast part of town when they ran across what looked like furniture and other personal items tucked inside some crevices in the mountain.  When they went to check things out, they were confronted by a naked guy who ran out of the crevice and started yelling at them.  Click on the link above to check out the highlarious reaction of one of the hikers!

The story gets even better.  KVIA sent a reporter out to talk to the guy and they got an entire interview with the guy.  He sounds vaguely lucid at times, and even talks about current events like the ballpark controversy!

Kudos to KVIA for getting a fantastic interview with the Naked Mountain Man of El Paso!