I hear Dez Bryant is coming to the 600 ESPN Sports & Health Expo!  I'm so excited!  I really enjoyed watching him on 'Dancing With The Stars', and I think it's great that our sister station is bringing in a famous dancer to be a part of the event!  Very progressive!

kiss fm

I'm just joking!  I know a couple of other Cowboys - Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin - were the ones on 'DWTS'.  I just wanted to see if you were awake.

When I told Darren - a Cowboys fan since he was 11 years old - that Dez Bryant was going to be in El Paso, he was really excited.  He told me that he's hoping that Bryant can help the Cowboys win their first Super Bowl in 28 years.

Joking.  Juuuust joking.  It's only been 17 years.  See - I know football.  *sheesh*

I didn't know this, but, apparently, to men, the Super Bowl is a big deal.  Darren can tell you the year, how old he was, and where he watched the game each of the 5 times the Cowboys won the Super Bowl.  He's hoping Dez Bryant can help them get a sixth this year.

During the Sports and Health Expo, you'll have the chance to get Dez's autograph.  Don't forget to have him include his jersey number, 88.  Did you know Dez was born in 1988?  He was - and Michael Irvin, 'DWTS' alum, also wore that number.  Irvin won 3 Super Bowls, so maybe some of that luck will rub off on Dez.  So if you want to see a guy who has the talent to lead the Cowboys to another Super Bowl, go check him out.

Yeah... I'll be impressed when he's on DWTS.