Parenting comes in all sorts of different styles.  This man obviously decided that he may as well have as much fun as possible while also being a good father.  Who said you can't be a big kid and a parent at the same time?

His children seem to like the approach but his wife wasn't too keen on it after a while (she must be more of a Superman fan I guess).  It's hilarious to see her go from amused, to indifferent to annoyed within the 3 minute span of this video (she's a bit on the jumpy side too).

My favorite part comes at the 1:09 mark, here's the exchange:

BatDad (growling to his son sitting in the back of the minivan) - "WHERE IS SHE?!"

Son (pointing to his sister sitting 2 feet away from him and calmly saying) - "She's right there Daddy."

BatDad - "Oh"

BatDad covers everything from the correct way to brush your teeth to potty training during this video.  Enjoy it, I sure did!